I’ve stared at the site for ages but I’ve never purchased anything from there because it’s usually just way out of my price range, but since they were having a 50% off sale I decided to go for it and get this Coach Tour Dress in Rouge.

I ordered a size L, I’m around 5’6”-5’7” so you can see in the photos where the hem hits. It’s a comfortable fit and true to Modcloth’s sizing chart. It’s definitely sized well enough that you can wear a long sleeve shirt underneath if you want to.

The material, which some people complained about, I actually quite like. It’s soft and reasonably thick, I don’t know if they’re all made with the same material. 

The color is the same as in the store photo, and shipping was very fast - despite it being Black Friday when I ordered (aka I’m sure they got a BUNCH of orders at once) it shipped out next day and got here in under a week. (I only received it now because I live on a college campus where the package arrives about 2-3 days before the student can actually get it) 

One teensy tiny thing, a few of the buttons are slightly loose. Not really a problem, but I suppose they could come off if you wear it a lot and aren’t very careful? I’ll probably take the time to resew mine.

…..BUT, it comes in a cute box and you get a freebie gift (mine were a bobby pin set, grey hearts with baby blue polka dots) and I totally recommend this dress to everyone. I’m in love with it and I’m going to wear it to death this holiday season. 

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