WGE: The role of Anders certainly raises some interesting questions on the issue of sexuality in gaming. What’s your take on the great debate?

Howden: The Dragon Age games are very forward thinking. I think it’s amazing you can play the game as a man or a woman and be gay or straight. Some people told me how brave they thought I was for recording the gay option with the kissing and love scenes. It wasn’t that brave of me really as I was alone in the booth snogging the back of my hand. I’ve played gay characters in the past though and it’s really not an issue for me. I was quite disappointed to read homophobic comments on some of the Dragon Age YouTube videos. Come on people, it’s the 21st century and all that.

Adam Howden, once again making the case to be Your Internet Boyfriend, in this interview with WGE Mag (source is a PDF, provided by WGE’s Twitter feed)

i think it’s pretty amazing too, adam. 

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