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Yoooo I got a commission from jambandit!!! ♥♡♥ Asteria Hawke and Fenris! I think this is the only non-food money I’ve spent at this con but so worth.

Yoooo I got a commission from jambandit!!! ♥♡♥ Asteria Hawke and Fenris! I think this is the only non-food money I’ve spent at this con but so worth.


For my two followers that don’t have it, Dragon Age: Ultimate Edition (with Awakening and all the DLC) is on sale on Steam for $7.49 BUY IT

yo i bought this shit for $25 even though i had a torrented and cracked version that i’d already played through ~4 times because it was fucking worth the money 

this is the best $7.49 you will ever spend on a video game series do it do it do it

Dragon Age: Origins, A Summary
Duncan: Fucking Blight
Warden: Fucking darkspawn
Loghain: Fucking Wardens
Morrigan: Fucking homicidal mother
Sten: Fucking humans
Zevran: Fucking Crows
Shale: Fucking pigeons
Leliana: Fucking Marjolaine
Oghren: Fucking women
Alistair: I don't know what's going on.
Wynne: Come listen to me lecture you about your life choices
Everyone: No


To steal a music term, the hook of a song is that thing that, well, hooks you in and makes you wanna remember the song.  So how does that pertain to design you ask?  Well early on in the DA:I project I decided to treat the appeal of the characters I designed not through the eye of the beholder, compiling massive reference sheet of beautiful people and picking features I found appealing. Instead I decided to look through the lens of the narrative, and find their hook.  I just found beauty too subjective, too mushy too, too, well lets just say I didn’t find it adequate.  Luckily for me a lot of the talented people at Bioware believe in narrative so it wasn’t a hard sell to change the thinking and discussion away from “do I like what that looks like” to “does that visually say what we want”.

In the above example of Cassandra. Her hook is her power and authority.  So then the trick was merely to use visual language to tell that story.  I no longer had to justify what I thought was attractive.  Her face became all about her aggression.  Through the angle of her facial structure to the angle of her ears. It all became about giving her a strong aggressive forward visual flow.

— Casper Konefal (x)

i know i said that i was regulating fandom stuff to the new blog

but come on how can i not reblog this?

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dragon age 3 LIs leaked for valentine’s day: dorian pavus is, in fact, a LI, but dumps you halfway through the second act if you can’t accept his intense moustache grooming habits


it’ll be like theran cedrax all over again

he breaks up with you because his moustache doesn’t think he’s paying enough attention to it anymore 


don’t even pretend you didn’t spend half the arishok duel running in circles screaming and trying to not get stabbed while you waited for a health potion to be available again don’t even pretend

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my ideal weight is me plus the box for dragon age: inquisition because i am holding it. in my hands



I’m curious. Reblog if your favorite class is mage.

rogue | warrior

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I’m really excited for Dragon Age: Inquisition but then I remember there’s likely to be more than one Fade sequence and I just